How Art and Poetry Can Lead Your Child to Success

What is one of the factors that separates children?One word – creativity.As we grow older we see those who are able to solve difficult problems by applying creative ideas to do so. By doing this, these people are often placed in the spotlight, given greater responsibility and are often flagged as leaders.Often, these people are given greater work place opportunities and feel as though they can successfully venture into new territories.Creative people also have the confidence to create entrepreneurial opportunities for themselves because they believe that they are creative and passionate enough to be successful.Step into any art studio and watch how poetry and art can bring children to life. As each child expresses themselves through art and poetry they become transformed into confident leaders who believe in their ability to create important and relevant creative artwork.They begin to see themselves as important creators of beauty, truth and knowledge.It is true that poetry and art builds confidence, motivates self-discovery, stimulates emotional well-being, creativity and promotes literacy.We all want the best for our children.We all want to find ways that can push them ahead of the crowd – or give them an edge.Nurturing your child’s creativity is one way to make them stand out. By building your child’s creativity you can help them to start building a solid foundation creative self-expression.Art education develops self-esteem, appreciation of the work of others, self-expression, cooperation with others, and critical thinking skills.Art programs help students to better articulate their perceptions and help them to shape coherent responses to their experiences.When children learn to appreciate form and color and when they learn the importance of fashioning their own images of the world around them, they achieve greater discipline and self-confidence.Make an investment in your child – invest in their creativity.

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